‘WE RISE’ Initiative Boosts iCARP’s Award Winning Honey Production

Leading powered access specialist Star Platforms is delighted to announce Investigating Countryside and Angling Research Projects (iCARP) as the latest charity to benefit from their ‘WE RISE’ scissor lift initiative.

iCARP, developed by Dr Mark Wheeler, is a programme designed to offer support to military veterans, emergency services personnel, vulnerable young people, and refugees, struggling with their mental well-being. The charity is currently working on a research programme to get NHS funding so GPs can recommend this treatment (social prescription) to help those in need suffering specifically from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and many other challenging conditions.

Richard Stok, Sales Manager, Star Platforms, said: “One of our customers brought this charity to our attention; we love what they do and have therefore agreed to support iCARP, giving them two months’ proceeds from the Star Platforms ‘WE RISE’ initiative.”

Star Platforms was awarded the scissor lift as part of the Skyjack ‘WE RISE’ charitable recognition campaign in 2020. The campaign showcased the access industry’s positive contributions throughout the pandemic. As part of the campaign, Star Platforms pledged all proceeds from the hire of the machine to charity, selecting many different charities which resonate with the company to benefit.

iCARP have been working closely with Epping Forest Honey establishing bee colonies at their well-being centre since 2022. They have formally trained their volunteers to become qualified beekeepers and are registered with the British Beekeepers Association. With a large number of hives onsite, they have managed to produce award winning honey. Profits raised by the sale of their honey is used to run programmes aimed at supporting people struggling with their mental health.

Dr Mark Wheeler, Founder of iCARP, commented: “We are delighted to receive the support of Star Platforms, this donation will be used to buy extra space for the iCARP bees in the form of Superstructures (Supers). These are tall boxes placed on beehives, extending the space for the bees to store the honey, therefore increasing the yield.”

Richard Miller, Managing Director, Star Platforms, concludes: “We think this is an excellent charity offering a support programme that can make a real difference to people who have suffered in the past. We’re pleased we have been able to contribute to their ongoing beekeeping efforts and the continuation of their award winning honey.”

If you would like to purchase iCARP honey or would like further information on iCARP’s initiatives please contact iCARP. If you would like to support iCARP please donate here.

Richard Stok, Sales Manager, Star Platforms learns about iCARPs beekeeping efforts.
Richard Stok, Sales Manager, Star Platforms learns about iCARPs beekeeping efforts.
Dr Mark Wheeler, iCARP founder meets with Richard Stok Sales Manager, Star Platforms


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