Low Level Platform Hire

Low level access platforms offer a safe way to work at height indoors. As a modern alternative to ladders, aluminium towers and even scaffolding, low level access platforms let you carry out a wide range of activities with reduced risk to your workforce. Our low level access platforms for hire are versatile, cost effective and able to work in tight spaces due to their compact size.

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Low level access hire fleet

Our low level access hire fleet includes a variety of powered access machines. With our low level access lifts from leading manufacturers – such as Power Tower, Skyjack and Genie – you will be hiring a quality machine. Our modern fleet is reliable and has been tested to ensure it meets the highest of standards. We also thoroughly inspect all our low level access platforms before hire in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure safe working.

Low level access hire is popular for a number of applications. We regularly hire low level access platforms to tradespeople, including interior fit out contractors, electricians, ductwork installers, painters and decorators. The platforms provide safe and convenient access at height throughout a building, as well as fantastic value for money over other powered access options.

Types of low level access platform

We have low level powered access platforms to suit a variety of projects. From access platforms which can handle heavy loads to those which can fit conveniently into an elevator, we can help. Key attributes to look out for when choosing your low level access platform include: working height, width, lifting capacity and power. Our hire fleet includes machines with working heights ranging from 3.5 metres to 8 metres. We also offer:

  • Manual/push around low level access platforms
  • Push around low level platforms with battery powered elevation
  • Battery powered/self-propelled low level access platforms

Low Level Acess Platform FAQs

What are the risks of working at low level heights?

Falls from height continue to be the leading cause of fatalities and major injuries in the UK. The latest figures from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) revealed that 35 people died as a result of a fall in 2019/20, while a further 56,000 people seriously injured themselves.


A common misconception is that these types of incidents only occur from great heights. In reality, two thirds of all serious falls occur at heights of less than two metres, with many often involving the use of ladders or steps.

That is why the Work at Height Regulations 2005 changed its ‘two metre rule’ to apply at any height – whether at, above or below ground level – in which a person might injure themselves from a fall.


What are low level access platforms?

Low level access platforms are a safer and more productive alternative to traditional forms of access, such as ladders, steps and aluminium towers.

Offering platform heights from 3.5 to eight metres, they include both manual push around models and battery powered self-propelled models that can be driven and operated.

Star Platforms has one of the largest and modern fleets of low level platforms in the UK, with models from leading manufacturers such as Power Towers, Skyjack, Genie and Dingli. In particular, its fleet of Ecolift, Pecolift and Nano platforms are ideal for low level work and widely used by a variety of trades, including interior fit out contractors, electricians, ductwork installers, painters and decorators to carry out work at low levels.


What are the benefits of low level access platforms?

Unlike towers and scaffolding, access platforms can be in moved into position, set up and ready for use in a matter of seconds.

Once in place, they offer a large enclosed work area and generous capacities – ranging between 150-250kg – for users to safely carry out the work, and importantly with both hands when required. Some models, such as the Nano SP and Skyjack SJ3014, even offer extendable decks to provide a greater working surface or the ability to work over obstacles.

Weighing as little as 180kg, they are often ideal for indoor work on delicate surfaces or on floors with load limitations, while compact dimensions ensure they fit easily through standard doorways and in elevators.

Which type of platform should I select?

In determining the most suitable platform to choose, it is first important to assess and plan the work. Our experienced hire desk are on hand to provide advice and guidance, however you may want to consider the following:

  • What height is the task?
  • How long with the task take?
  • What is the location of the task and how are the ground conditions?
  • What is the access like to site
  • Will I need a push around or self-propelled model?


Are there any other considerations I need to make?

Although the use of low level access is widely recognised as the safest form of working at height, they do not remove the risk entirely. It is important to ensure you are trained to use the platform and that you carry out the necessary familiarisation training and pre-use checks prior to use.

Star Platforms offers a range of training courses accredited by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), including its Push Around Vertical (PAV) and Mobile Vertical (3a) operator training, most commonly required when using low level access. As well as providing users with the necessary skills to operate the platforms it will also provide vital knowledge on how to retrieve a platform from height in case of emergency.


What if I need to work at heights over six metres?

At Star Platforms we offer a range of boom and scissor lifts with working heights up to 28 metres. We also have access to over 10,000 platforms nationally, via our membership of the Access Alliance, so you can rest assured Star Platforms can supply all of your powered access requirements throughout the UK.

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Low level access platforms are a fantastic (and safer) alternative to steel ladders and towers. Learn more about them here!