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Star Platforms have a wide range of used access equipment, including scissor lifts, boom lifts, Peco lifts, and more, all available at a great price! They’re fully serviced with new 6-month LOLER certificates.

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We understand the need for affordable, reliable, high-quality powered access machines. That’s why we offer used powered access machines, available at a lower price than new ones! The majority of our used machines come from our fleet hire and have been professionally refurbished to an extremely high standard, including full respray and new decals.

Why Buy Used Powered Access Machines?

Buying Powered access used is a great alternative to buying new. Used machines often don’t depreciate in value and so can be sold on once finished with use. It’s the perfect solution to short-term jobs and is typically cheaper than buying a brand-new machine. Buying a used powered access machine strikes the ideal balance between owning your own MEWP and saving costs.

Return on Investment for Used MEWPs

Another great benefit of buying used is the return on investment. Because used MEWPs are sold at a lower price than new, you’ll likely make your money back much faster than if you were to buy new. It’s also a great way to test out a new MEWP for your job.

Buying used is a great option when you need a specific MEWP for a job or want to add to your current fleet. If you have the space to store the machine and can make use of it year-round and would like to save on the costs of a brand new machine, then buying used is the perfect solution. Especially as Star Platform’s used MEWPs are fully refurbished and expertly maintained.