IPAF Training Courses

IPAF Operator Training Course Categories

Whether you work in the construction sector, electricity sector, or are simply hiring a MEWP to paint the side of a building, operator training is an essential part of using any powered access machine.

Depending on the type of powered access equipment you’ll be using, you may want to take a specific IPAF operator course that is explicitly designed to educate you on your MEWP of choice. The comprehensive range of training programmes offered by IPAF instructors will ensure that you are fully educated on the manoeuvrability, safety, regulations, and guidance of the MEWPs you use.

IPAF 3a + 3b: Mobile Vertical and Mobile Boom Training

IPAF training is a necessary part of using mobile elevating work platforms. IPAF training teaches operators everything they need to operate powered access equipment safely. The operator training course will include a practical training session, as well as a theory section followed by a practical assessment and a theory assessment. The practical training will allow you to gain hands on experience using the MEWPs, bringing you one step closer to becoming an accredited IPAF operator.

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Static Vertical (1a, 1a+)

Out Static Vertical 1A Training will inform operators on the best practices when it comes to using static vertical personnel platforms and award a ePAL card at the end of the course. A physical PAL card is available for an extra cost.

1A+ offers practical training for operators using static vertical machines in challenging environments.


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Static Boom (1b, 1b+)

In this course, operators will learn how to drive, manoeuvre, and position static booms. This course will cover the awareness of health and safety regulations, accident prevention, pre-use checks and inspections, and more.

For those needing to operate a static boom in challenging conditions, the 1b+ course offers practical training with an emphasis on challenging conditions.


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Push Around Vertical (PAV)

Push Around Verticals are small static vertical machines that don’t require a driver to operate. They are mobile elevating work platforms that, as the name suggests, can be physically pushed around.


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Insulated Aerial Device (IAD)

This IPAF training is for experienced operators and will teach operators how to use Insulated Aerial Devices, which are predominantly used in the power plant sector for access to overhead power lines. Operators will have to have completed a 1B training course a minimum of six months before beginning this course.


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MEWPs for Managers

Even managers need training on MEWPs! Our MEWPs for managers course is for site supervisors who will be working around and with MEWPs. This is essential training for a range of fields including everything from facilities management to retail to foremen. If there’s a MEWP on your site, then this training is for you.

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IPAF Harness Training

This training course will cover a series of fall protection measures as well as appropriate harness use. Undergoing this training can be the difference between serious injury and returning to your job the next day. During this training, operators will be given practical exercises that will give them the skills required to use body harnesses in a safe and practical way.

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Do you hold a valid IPAF operator’s licence?

The Powered Access Licence (PAL) Card is recognised worldwide as a proof of platform operators training to the highest standards. It is issued by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) to platform operators who successfully complete a training course at an IPAF-approved training centre such as ours.

We offer training on all categories of MEWP equipment, including 3a mobile vertical, 3b mobile boom, 3a & 3b combined course and PAV push around vertical.