Scissor Lift Hire

We have a range of indoor and outdoor scissor lifts for hire, from smaller battery-powered models to larger diesel scissor lifts complete with outriggers and lifting capacities of up to 1134kg. We also have a range of hybrid scissor lifts for hire that offer low noise and no emissions.

Named after their criss-cross “scissor” mechanism, scissor lifts are used to work in tight spaces because of their small size but relatively large manoeuvrability and easy handling. Our modern fleet of platforms are from leading industry manufacturers and are perfect for a wide range of tasks that require an operator to be high up to complete them, reaching working heights of 22.5 meters.

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Scissor lift rental fleet

Our fleet of scissor lifts come from the leading industry manufacturers. The fleet is young with scissor lift platforms from big brands such as Skyjack and Genie, so you can rest assured you’re getting a high-quality, dependable machine. To ensure their safety, all our scissor lift MEWPs are inspected by our experts before every hire and undergo periodic technical examinations too.

Scissor lifts can be an asset to many different kinds of projects. They are perfect for any tasks that require an operator to be high up to complete them, with achievable working heights of 22.5 metres. We offer scissor lift rental for tasks ranging from fire alarm system installation to mural painting, thanks to the machine’s superb convenience and practicality.

Our scissor lift hire service is available nationwide. For the utmost convenience, our core machines are available for next day delivery and we can also offer contract hire for long-term equipment needs.

Types of scissor lift for hire

Within our fleet, we have many types of scissor lift for hire.

Factors to look out for when choosing a scissor lift include working height, power, width, platform capacity, and terrain/surface capabilities.

You’ll have to consider many factors when choosing the right type of scissor lift. You may want to know whether you will be operating the machine outdoor or indoor to decide on the type of engine you’ll need. You’ll also need to know whether you’ll be working on rough terrain, in narrow aisles, on level surfaces, etc. The ideal platform will be able to safely manoeuvre your job site while getting the job done efficiently.

Below we explore the different types of scissor lifts that Star Platforms offer, and how to choose between them.

If you’re still having trouble deciding which will work best, our team can give you expert advice.

Electric Scissor Lifts

Powered by electric motors rather than diesel engines, electric scissor lifts are great for indoor use. The compact dimensions make these work platforms easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces like hallways and warehouse isles. Because an electric scissor lift is often smaller than its diesel counterpart, they work best on level surfaces.

Diesel Scissor Lifts

Diesel-powered scissor lifts can provide the power and efficiency needed to manoeuvre over troughs and peaks in the dirt. With a diesel engine and larger wheels, you’ll find that the power of a diesel scissor lift will bring safety, stability, and efficiency.

These scissor lifts will take up more space than an electric scissor lift, so making sure that it will fit in your work site is essential.

Hybrid Scissor Lifts

In some cases, you’ll find yourself on work sites that require both indoor and outdoor use of a scissor lift. When this happens, you’ll need both electric and diesel engines. In this case, a hybrid scissor lift will fit the bill.

These scissor lifts can be powered by both electricity and diesel, making them the perfect lift for multi-site jobs.

Indoor Scissor Lifts

Indoor job sites in need of a scissor lift will typically use an electric powered scissor lift. Diesel engines produce gases that are toxic to humans. When used in areas with low ventilation, this can cause a buildup of harmful fumes. On the other hand, an electric scissor lift releases zero emissions, making them much safer for indoor use.

Electric scissor lifts will often be more narrow than diesel, making them easier to manoeuvre indoors as well.

Outdoor Scissor Lifts

When working outdoors, you’ll often need features that allow rough terrain capabilities. This will typically mean a powerful engine, rough terrain tyres, and a large stable body.

What Working Heights Can A Scissor Lift Reach?

You’ll have to take note of your job site and determine the maximum working height before choosing a scissor lift.

Our range of scissor lift platforms ranges from a working height of 5.6 metres to an impressive 22.5 metres. So, whether you are looking for a small scissor lift for indoor facilities maintenance or a large MEWP for outdoor construction work, we can provide the appropriate powered access equipment.

Platform capacity is another feature to take into consideration when looking for a scissor lift.

What is the Typical Platform Capacity of a Scissor Lift?

Platform capacity is also an important factor to take into consideration. The platform will have to support the weight of the people and carry the supplies needed for the job. Sometimes you’ll find you’ll need more than one person to complete a job.

For advice on scissor lift hire or any other powered access hire, just get in touch with our helpful team.

Ready to Hire a Scissor Lift?

If you’re ready to hire, you can create an account with us and discuss the type of scissor lift you require for your project.

Our customer service team will be able to advise on the best model to suit your needs, discuss prices and more.

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