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Browse our range of genie lifts for sale, available to buy with free UK delivery for all orders placed online. Genie’s lightweight and low-cost material lifts are designed to enhance your productivity with highly portable solutions for a wide variety of applications.

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Buying a Genie Material Lift with Star Platforms

All Genie material lifts are easy for one person to set up, operate and transport in a standard pickup or service truck. Plus, a wide variety of options and accessories make them extremely adaptable to fit your specific needs. With sturdy construction and reliable performance, reach your lifting height with Genie material lifts. An excellent value for a virtually unlimited number of indoor and outdoor uses.

Browse our range quality of Genie lifts for sale online today.

What is a Genie Material Lift?

A Genie material lift is used for holding and lifting working materials at low – medium levels, from 4-7m. Genie material lifts are one MEWP of the genie range of MEWPs from the Genie company. As authorises sellers of Genie material lifts, we are able to offer these lifts at a great price.

H2 – What is a Genie Lift Used For?

Genie material lifts assist in lifting heavy loads to height. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses, and great for support in warehouses as well as lifting, positioning and installing materials.

Who Invented the Genie Lift?

The genie lifts were invented by Bud Bushnell, and American who founded Genie in 1966. In 2002, Genie was acquired by Terex, which manufactures MEWPS used in maintenance, equipment installation, and warehouse stocking.