IPAF PAV Course : Push Around Vehicle

This IPAF training course aims to provide delegates with the practical training needed to use PAV MEWPS (Push around vertical MEWPS).

The IPAF PAV course will provide training on basic MEWP practices like pre-use inspections (pre use checks to help the operator determine if the MEWP is safe to use). The IPAF PAV training course will also help operators gain an understanding of the current legislation and regulations for MEWPs, as well as accident prevention, personal protection requirements, and how to refer to machine operating manuals.

The course will include a practical and a theory test. Upon completion of the training course, successful delegates will receive an IPAF certificate, as well as PAV approval on their IPAF PAL card.

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How long is an IPAF PAL card valid?

A PAL card is valid for 5 years. You will need to get your license renewed before the 5 year mark is up in order to avoid re-taking the course. You can get your PAL card renewed at any IPAF accredited establishment.

Want to have reminders sent to renew your PAL card? Check out our License Reminder.

What is a PAV?

PAV stands for Push Around Vertical. Push around vertical machines are small static vertical platforms that are manoeuvred by push, rather than an engine. Upon completion of IPAF PAV training you will have a strong understanding of when and how to use these machines.