IPAF IAD Course: Insulated Ariel Device

IPAF courses allow those who work with MEWPs to learn how to safely operate an insulated aerial device on site. An insulated boom MEWP is a powered access machine that provides access to working height – particularly in the electric field. This course will prepare the operator to use vans and the mounted aerial platforms of the IAD MEWPs. Operators will all learn safety protocols, how to prepare the MEWP for a job, as well as basic training for operating at working height.

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What is an Insulated Aerial Device?

An IAD is a MEWP that has an insulated body. This provides access to working heights on electric power grids without cutting the electricity off. These models typically have a telescopic boom with an aerial platform mounted at the top. This can hold both the operator and equipment while work on power lines is being completed.

What Does The Insulated Aerial Device Course Cover?

This operator training covers how to safely operate Insulated Aerial Platforms.

  • Understand the care and maintenance of the insulated section of the IAD
  • Manoeuvre the machine as required, to correctly position it to carry out the required tasks in a correct and proper manner
  • Understand the use of a load chart and calculate the safe lifting capacity at any combination of boom angles and jib extension
  • Use the over centre capabilities of the machine if applicable

Who Can Take the IAD IPAF Course?

MEWP operators who have completed the Operators 1b course for a minimum period of 6 months prior to the course.