IPAF Licence Reminder Service

Is your IPAF PAL Card valid?

Did you know your IPAF licence is valid for five years from the date you pass the course?

Your PAL Card is valid for five years from your issue date and if it were to expire you face not being allowed on site to operate machinery and having to take a renewal test and successfully complete a full operator course again.

Five years is a long time, and it can be easy to forget your licence expiry date when you’re out operating powered access machines all day. If your IPAF licence has expired, sites and businesses will not let you operate machinery, despite your previous experience.

We want you to remember your licence renewal before this happens. This is why we’ve put together a handy IPAF renewal reminder service to take the stress and worry off your hands. You also receive a discount when you book your renewal through us.

IPAF Licence Checker

Unsure when your licence expires?

Use the IPAF-approved licence checker to see when your IPAF expiry date is.

Knowing when your licence expires will avoid you having to find a training centre near you to complete the IPAF operator course again.

What Is An IPAF Licence

An IPAF Licence or PAL card indicates that you are an accredited IPAF operator and have completed your IPAF training. You will need this in order to legally use powered access machines on site.

An operator licence is awarded by an IPAF-approved training centre once you successfully complete an IPAF training course and passed the practical test and the theory test.

This acts as an operator licence, allowing you to use powered access equipment on work sites. The machine categories you’re allowed to operate will be determined by the IPAF operator course that you’ve taken.

How Do I Renew my IPAF?

Your PAL Card must be renewed in the final year, prior to expiry. Licence renewal can be done before the expiry date by contacting one of the training centres near you. There is no renewal test

You will have to have proof of your current IPAF operator training (your old PAL card, or certificate) and your log book with a minimum of 60 valid entries, with 10 being in the last year. If your PAL Card passes its expiry date without renewal, you will have to take the full operator course again.

How Long Does an IPAF Licence Last For?

An IPAF licence will be valid for five years.

This should be renewed in the last year prior to expiry. You will need an up-to-date log book and your old IPAF certification to renew your licence.

What Is a PAL Card?

A PAL Card (Powered Access Licence Card) is awarded at an IPAF training centre once you successfully complete an IPAF operator course. This indicates that you have successfully completed the IPAF training needed to use mobile elevating work platforms.