IPAF Training FAQs

What Is IPAF Training?

IPAF Training (International Powered Access Federation Training) is a globally recognized program that teaches employees how to safely use powered access machines. This is a vital training that anyone who works near powered access should undertake. It will not only ensure the safety of employees, but it’s also a legal requirement to ensure that, if powered access is an integral part of your job, your employees are adequately trained to use them.

There are many different types of IPAF training that you can take on – this will depend on your needs. At Star Platform, we offer both Operator Training, and a MEWPS for Managers course that can be completed at any of our seven depots located around the country.

Learn more about IPAF training in our in-depth article here.

What powered access platforms will IPAF training allow me to use?

IPAF training will ensure that you have the knowledge to safely use all kinds of powered access machines.

At Star Platforms, we offer training on all categories of MEWP equipment. This includes 3a mobile vertical, 3b boom, 3a &3b combined course, and PAV push around vertical

How Long is IPAF Training

Depending on the course, it may take between one and two days to complete your training. The course includes a series of theory and practical lessons that will teach you everything you need to know about MEWP use and safety. You’ll finish your course with a written and practical test that will award you with your powered access license card.

How do I get a PAL card?

Your PAL card (Powered Access License) is awarded to you once you finish your IPAF training and complete your test. This can be done at any of our seven national depots found around the country.

A PAL card is a license that allows you to operate MEWPS (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms), MCWPs (Mast Climbing Work Platforms), or CHs (Construction Hoists). It’s an internationally recognised license that is accepted in over 51 countries.


How long is my PAL card valid for?

Your PAL card will be valid for 5 years.

In order to be eligible for renewal, you will have had to be consistent with filling out your log book. Your log book will need to have 60 entries over the last five years, with 10 of those being within the last year.

You will also need to renew your card before the expiry date.

If either of these is not met, then you’ll need to complete your IPAF training course again.

How long will it take for my PAL card to arrive?

Your PAL card will take between 4 and 6 weeks to be delivered.

Can you use a MEWP without IPAF Training?

While legally, you can use a MEWP without IPAF training, it’s not recommended. IPAF training will provide you with all the information you need to stay safe while operating a powered access machine. Ensuring that you stick within safety protocols is an essential skill for anyone using powered access machines, not only for your safety, but for the safety of your colleagues as well.

Where can I do IPAF training?

Thinking of starting IPAF training? Star Platforms offers expert IPAF training at any of our seven depots, located around the country.

Book an IPAF course now if you’re interested.

Alternatively, we can come to you! Request on-site training here.

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