We Rise machine supports Wildlife Aid Foundation

In 2020, Star Platforms was awarded a scissor lift as part of the Skyjack WE RISE charitable recognition campaign, which showcased the access industry’s positive contributions throughout the pandemic. As part of the campaign, Star Platforms pledged all proceeds from the hire of the machine to charity, selecting several charities which resonate with the company to benefit.

Since July 2020, the WE RISE machine has been hugely popular with customers, raising money for The Hospice of St Francis, CRASH, Emily’s Star, The Alzheimer Society, and the Associations of Ukrainians in Great Britain – Luton branch. Following the success over the last two years, we are pleased to announce that from 1st September – 30th November, all proceeds from the hire of the WE RISE scissor will go to the Wildlife Aid Foundation, an animal charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of British wildlife. Wildlife Aid is raising money to build a new facility following the terminal cancer diagnosis of its founder Simon Cowell, who set up the foundation more than 40 years ago. The new facility, which is Simon’s last wish for the foundation, will ensure his legacy continues. To donate to this fantastic cause, visit https://www.wildlifeaid.org.uk/simons-last-wish

If you are looking to hire an electric scissor with a working height of up to 7.80m, the WE RISE machine from Star Platforms helps you complete your tasks whilst giving back.

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