Introducing our suite of mast booms

Mast boom lifts are growing in popularity due to their flexible nature and compact design meaning they can be used indoors in tight spaces and still reach a good working height.

It can be confusing to know which the best option for your task is, so we’ve created this handy guide to each mast boom lift we offer to help you find the correct product for your next hire. Ranging from working heights of 8.15m to 11.2m, mast boom lifts are the best option if you’re looking to work inside where you need a narrow machine to navigate walkways and aisles but need the flexibility of a little outreach to complete the task. Mast boom lifts are battery powered and quiet runners, meaning they also cause less disruption so can be used during normal working hours, and are driveable at full height saving time and making your operator more efficient.

We have over 75 available to hire in our fleet, meaning whatever option you need we can help. Have a look at our overviews below or contact our trained Hire Team who will happily find you the best machine for your next project.

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JLG Toucan 8E-L
The JLG Toucan 8E-L is a compact mast boom with a width of just 0.99m but comes with an outreach of 2.39m as well as a working height of 8.15m. The platform also has a generous lifting capacity of 200kg, meaning your operator and their tools can do more at height in hard to reach spaces saving valuable time.

The Toucan 8E-L is also suitable for use outdoors, making it a practical option if you need to complete a few different tasks and navigate narrow doorways in and out of the building, as well and needing to work on different types of flat terrain.

This is the most light-weight mast boom available on the market at just 1,860kg and Star Platforms are one of only a handful of UK stockists.

Haulotte Star 10
Perhaps our most well-known mast lift, the Star 10 from Haulotte is a popular choice amongst our large retail customers. The width of just 1m with a maximum working height of 10m and working outreach of up to 3m, means the operators can navigate through narrow aisles and reach up and over shelving, for example, to maintain or install lighting fixtures or other electrical work.

The Star 10 is easy to use, quiet to operate and due to its flexible nature will last hours off a single charge of standard usage. The Star 10 weighs in at 2735kg meaning it is much lighter than a cherry picker and will be fine on most supermarket and warehouse flooring.

Dingli AMWP11.5
One of the newest additions to our fleet, the AMWP11.5 from Dingli is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a 11.2m working height whilst keeping all the benefits of a narrow mast boom at just 1m wide. The machine also has a lifting capacity of 200kg.

The Dingli AMWP11.5 is well suited for indoors use, when the user needs to reach high racking or ceilings to complete their task. And with a working outreach of 3m, they can also reach up and over to access harder to reach points and complete the job efficiently and safely.

Lastly, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t mention safety. Using powered access is the first step to a safer working environment for your staff, but training is essential. Look into 3b IPAF training to send your operators on a course that will teach them everything they know to use a mast boom, including how to navigate those narrow aisles and tight corners to avoid any accidents. You can view our available dates and locations by visiting our training page.

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