Skyjack SJIII 3226 Electric Scissor Lift

9.92m working height electric scissor

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The Skyjack 3226 is a compact electric scissor lift with a 9.92m working height and 227kg safe working load. It is ideally suited for use indoors on a wide range construction, installation and maintenance tasks such as electrical fixtures and cabling, ductwork, drywall, ceiling panels, overhead sprinklers, etc. This is a compact machine, which can fit through a standard single doorway and is particularly suited when space is at a premium or where weight limits apply.

Powered by a bank of heavy duty deep-cycle batteries, the Skyjack 3226 offers almost silent operation and has enough power for a full days work before needing to be recharged. Fitted with non-marking tyres and weighing just 1,890kg, it is suitable for operation on a wide range of floor surfaces.

Working Height (m) 9.92
Platform Height (m) 7.92
Stowed Length (m) 2.32
Stowed Height (m) 1.91
Width (m) 0.82
Lifting Capacity (kg) 227
Deck Extension (m) 0.91
Weight (kg) 1890
Power battery
Non-Marking Tyres yes
Ground level
Terrain solid/flat
Star Group Code se2632