Should I buy or hire a powered access platform?

Are you unsure whether to invest in buying your own powered access platform or if you should hire one? We’re here to help!

Purchasing a MEWP may seem like the most cost-effective, time efficient and easiest way to access a powered access platform regularly. However, depending on the project size, frequency of use and your overall business needs it may not be the best solution.

Powered access platforms are a great solution for when you need to work at a height easily and safely. Whether you’re working outdoors, indoors, or in hard-to-reach places – MEWPs are the perfect solution. MEWPs are used in all kinds of industries and for a variety of different things.

When should I hire a powered access platform?

Many businesses choose to hire MEWPs instead of buying them because of several reasons, including:

  1. Access to different types of MEWPs – When you hire a MEWP from a company like Star Platforms, you’ll have access to many different types and brands of MEWP to choose from. If you do different projects and jobs that require different types of powered access platforms, then opting to hire them instead of purchasing may be a lot more cost-effective.
  2. Cost-effective – Not only is buying an MEWP expensive, but there are also a lot of hidden costs that you may not have thought of, for example, if anything goes wrong then you’ll be responsible for paying for the repairs. You will also need to make sure it is regularly serviced and maintained which can be costly over time.
  3. Hassle-free – Without having to service and maintain the MEWP yourself it often makes it very hassle-free. At Star Platforms, we’ve made the process simple so you won’t spend ages on admin when hiring your MEWP. We also have a team of experts on hand to help you whenever you need. At Star Platform, we also offer next-day delivery on many of our MEWP hires meaning you won’t have to wait long for your platform.
  4. Peace of mind – When hiring a MEWP you’ll have peace of mind that the platform is safe, compliant and ready to use. At Star Platform, our fleet is always serviced and maintained to the highest standard. We’re specialists so we can answer any questions you have, we can also provide IPAF training for your employees so you’ll have extra peace of mind your employees will be safe when operating a MEWP.

There are some downsides to having a powered access platform, including:

  1. Some wait times – Even though at Star Platforms, we offer next day delivery in the UK on most of our platforms, you still have to wait some time for it to arrive. When you have your own powered access platform it is ready to go whenever you need it.
  2. May be less cost effective over time – If you decide to hire and then end up hiring your machinery for a long time it may have worked out more cost effective to purchase the machinery. It is important to really consider the use before deciding whether to purchase or hire a MEWP.
  3. Availability of machines – Depending on who you choose to hire your MEWP from, during times of high demand it may delay your operations. It’s important to choose a reliable, established business like Star Platform when hiring a MEWP.

When should I buy a powered access platform?

Sometimes purchasing your own powered access platform is the best solution. We’ve put together some reasons below why buying a MEWP may be a better solution for you.

  1. Cost-effective in the long run – If you do many jobs at height and require the same type of platform for each, then buying a MEWP may be cost-effective in the long run.
  2. Showcase your brand – If you’re doing lots of work out and about in the public domain, purchasing your own MEWP allows you to advertise your own company and brand to potential customers.
  3. Use as and when you need it – Arguably the biggest benefit of owning your own powered access platform is that you can use it whenever you want without having to wait for it to be delivered like you would if you hire.

There are some downsides to consider when purchasing a MEWP, including:

  1. Have to maintain and service the machinery yourself – When you purchase your own MEWP you will be responsible for making sure it is safe for your employees to use. This includes making sure it is regularly serviced and maintained. Ensuring it has been maintained and serviced may also come with a lot of extra costs that may build up over time.
  2. Limited to one type of machinery – Once you purchase a MEWP unless you invest in other types of platforms as well you’ll only have access to the one you’re using, when you hire you have access to many different types of MEWP whenever you need.

Still unsure?

If you’re still unsure whether buying or hiring is the right solution for you and your business, then get in touch. One of our expert and friendly team members will be happy to help decide what’s the best solution for you.

Buying or hiring a MEWP FAQs

If I purchase a MEWP, how do I service it?

If you purchase a MEWP, you can outsource the servicing and maintenance so you’ll still have the peace of mind that everything is taken care of and your powered access platform is safe and compliant for your employees to use.

At Star Platform, alongside helping you find the perfect solution, we can arrange regular servicing and carry out six-month LOLER testing to assist you in maintaining your legal requirements for the safe use of equipment.

Can I hire a MEWP long-term?

Yes. If you’ve got a bigger project or require a MEWP for a long time and still not want to purchase your own, many providers offer long-term rentals.

At Star Platforms, we can offer great rates for powered access equipment on a long-term contract hire basis. We will provide expert advice to ensure you’re getting the right machine for your needs, as well as providing six monthly LOLER inspections as well as servicing and maintenance to ensure your MEWP is fully safe and compliant during the time you’re hiring the equipment.

Once the contract is up, you then have the choice of extending it, exchanging your current machinery for new equipment on a new hire contract, purchasing the machinery or simply returning it to us if you no longer need it.

Can I purchase a used powered access platform?

Yes. We understand the need for affordable, reliable, high-quality powered access machines which is why we have lots of used powered access equipment available for purchase.

Do my employees need training to operate a MEWP?

Yes, anyone who operates a powered access platform must have had adequate training for the machine they will be using. There are no specific requirements on the type of training employees require, but at Star Platforms we recommend IPAF training. IPAF training will cover all the relevant health and safety legislation and guidance on how employees will work at height safely.

Read our blog, if you want to learn more about what training is required to work safely on a powered access platform. Or, if you’re looking for IPAF training, then book a course at one of our training centres.

How to buy or hire a powered access platform from Star Platforms?

If you’re ready to purchase or hire powered access platforms, then you’re in the right place. At Star Platforms, we have new and used access platforms for hire and for purchase.

If you’re looking to hire, we’ve got cherry pickers, a scissor lift, or a low-level platform to choose from – we’ve got over 3,700 powered access machines in our fleet and access to over 10,000 platforms nationally.

If you need help choosing the right solution for your needs and requirements, then our team at Star Platforms can help – get in touch today.

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