Indoor Powered Access Equipment Hire for Warehouses

At Star Platforms, we offer a wide range of indoor powered access equipment for the warehousing industry. Whatever job you’re trying to complete, we can help you find the perfect MEWP.

Warehousing mobile-elevating platform solutions

Our specifically selected fleet of MEWPs have been chosen to fulfil the needs required by the warehousing industry. We have a wide range of cherry pickers, scissor lifts and low-level platforms for purchase or hire that are suitable for a range of requirements in warehouses, factories and fulfilment centres. For harder to reach areas, we recommend choosing a boom lift which will keep you safe while working at heights

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Warehouse powered access frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of having a powered access platform in a warehouse?

One of the main benefits is that it allows warehouse workers to reach things at height safely and securely. With added safety features like handrails and enclosures they offer the highest levels of security when working at height.

Powered access platforms are quick and easy to set up and manoeuvre which means they are ready to go while being easy to move around a warehouse. We also have a range of narrow scissor lifts, which are ideal for tight spaces and narrow aisles.

What can MEWPs be used for in a warehouse?

MEWPs are versatile when used in a warehouse, factory or distribution centre for example they can help with:

  • Packing/picking fulfilment
  • Loading goods/unloading goods
  • Warehouse maintenance, cleaning and installation
  • Stock-taking

How to choose the right powered access solution for my requirements?

Depending on the work you plan on carrying out in a warehouse, will decide the type of powered access machine you need. We have a number of electrical powered access machines which means there are no exhaust fumes being released into an enclosed space.

We have a range of MEWPs for warehouse use, cherry pickers are a common choice for things like stock-taking, warehouse maintenance and repairs. If you have a smaller warehouse we can provide a powered access machine that fits easily and safely through the aisles and around the space it’s being operated in.

If you are unsure on which powered access machine best suits your needs and requirements, then please get in touch.

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If you’re looking for a powered access platform for your warehouse/s whether it’s for purchase or hire, then please get in touch. Alternatively, explore the different types of powered access platforms, including scissor lifts, cherry pickers and low-level platforms.


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