Celebrating our NHS

A great design, some talented artists and a scissor lift donated by Star Platforms come together to create a celebratory NHS mural

Star Platforms has donated a Skyjack 6832RT diesel scissor lift to help create this impressive mural on a house in Walthamstow, East London. Talented street artists from Wood Street Walls painted the image of an NHS worker as a superhero to thank the health service, who celebrated their 72nd birthday on July 5th.

The mural begins to take shape

“What this mural portrays is healthcare workers, but also many other people working out on the frontline who have previously been forgotten about,” Wood Street Walls founder Mark Clack said. “This includes carers, paid or unpaid, shop workers and bus drivers – the people who haven’t seen this period as time off. They’ve been working around the clock to provide important provisions for us all.”

Star Platforms donated a 6832RT scissor lift for the project

The Skyjack 6832RT scissor lift features a working height of 11.75 metres and a large platform that comfortably allowed for two socially distancing artists to work. The machine was easy to set up, driving into position and levelling on its stabilisers to create a solid working area for the artists and their materials.

Looking good!

The tribute, which shows an NHS worker as a superhero, was designed by Carl Cozier of Holy Moly UK.
The idea for the NHS mural came about after a design by Carl was picked up in a competition in partnership with Adobe, that committed £100,000 of funding to NHS Together Charitable trust.
Mark continued “This is our way of saying thank you – it’s as simple as that. “It will allow people to reflect about what this period meant and the hardship it caused. “We hope it’s a piece that can celebrate workers and serve as a reflection of this time.”

A fantastic tribute to the NHS and all healthcare workers

Steve Simmons, Managing Director at Star Platforms, added “We were blown away by this fabulous piece and as soon as we saw it, we offered to donate the machine and waive all charges. Instead, Wood Street Walls donated our usual fee to the NHS Barts Charity. We are proud to be involved in this superb tribute to thank the NHS and all other healthcare workers who have served the country so well during these unprecedented times.”

Watch the creation of the National Hero Service NHS mural,
which was completed using a Skyjack 6832RT scissor lift donated by Star Platforms
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