Star Platforms provide a Skyjack 3219 electric scissor lift to complete Fire Alarm and Detection System installation

UK powered access rental company, Star Platforms, provided a 7.8m Skyjack 3219 electric scissor lift to the fire and security system provider based in Buckinghamshire.

A popular application for powered access, current regulation states businesses must have a fire detection system in place. The Star Platforms customer delivers bespoke fire and security systems and, like Star Platforms, take a very customer focused approach working with their clients to provide the most effective solution.

“On this job we needed to install a fire system into a 4,000 square feet state of the art facility and needed the right platform to enable us to do this safely and keep our work to a professional standard. We called Star Platforms who recommended a Skyjack 3219 scissor lift which was perfect for the task. Like we do with our own customers, Star spent the time understanding us and the project so they could recommend the right platform to enable us to carry out the task, which can make all the difference”.

John Dupree, Managing Director of Coordinated Fire & Security
The Skyjack 3219 electric scissor lift with working height of 7.8m enabled the operator to reach the ceiling to install and test the fire safety system.

The Skyjack 3219 electric scissor lift offers a working height of 7.8m and is battery powered, making it a popular choice for internal projects. On this job, the company needed a narrow machine and so with a width of just 0.81m the 3219 met all their requirements. The scissor lift is also powered by a bank of heavy duty deep-cycle batteries meaning it offers almost silent operation and minimises disruption to other workers in the area.

“Fire safety is a growing industry, and we regularly support our customers on jobs like this. Being mainly straight up internal work, scissor lifts are the best platform for the job and the Skyjack 3219 is a popular choice among our customers, currently making up 20% of our fleet. We always ensure we work with our customers to provide them the right machine and look forward to working with Coordinated again in the future”.

Steve Simmons, Managing Director, Star Platforms

*The pictures included in this application story were taken by Coordinated and included in their original case study. They have kindly allowed us to use them in this application story.

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