It’s Springwatch at Star – Baby robins feel safe in our scissor!

Chris Packham and the rest of the team at BBC Springwatch would be impressed. Engineers at the Star Platforms Midlands depot are celebrating new arrivals – three baby robins.

A pair of robins took up residence in the most unlikely of places, a Skyjack 9250 RT scissor lift at the depot in Coalville, Leicestershire.


Now they have three young chicks to feed, and the Star Platforms team has a new pastime in spare moments during their busy working days – as bird watchers.

Service Manager Andy Denston first spotted the robins’ nest neatly positioned inside the large diesel scissor lift a few weeks ago, and immediately cordoned off the area.

He said: “We were able to provide a little peace and quiet for our feathered friends, despite the comings and goings in a busy powered access hire depot.

“We were delighted to see that there were eggs in the nest, and then that they hatched. Now the parents have their work cut out feeding their hungry chicks.”


The birds chose one the largest diesel scissors in the Star Platforms powered access hire fleet for their home, nesting in canopy of the 4-wheel-drive big deck scissor lift.

Managing director Steve Simmons said: “As well as keeping track of customer needs, sales figures and operational matters, we now have a Springwatch-style update at every morning meeting.

“Many of the team are animal lovers, so we’ve been keen to protect the robins and give them space to raise their family.

“In a week or two, we hope all three chicks will be giving us a demonstration of what working at height in the natural world is all about when they fly the nest.”


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