Genie boom hire from Star paints a picture

The wonders of the sea are being revealed by mural artists in London – and a boom on hire from Star Platforms is playing a key role
Mural painters Louis Masai and Toby Madden are creating a stunning street mural to bring coral reefs to life in Shoreditch, East London.

When the mural artists needed to reach up to 16m in height, they called in Star Platforms to supply a Genie Z45 4×4 Self Propelled Boom.
They have a spacious platform along with proportional controls so they can position themselves precisely where they need to be to create their stunning mural art.


The street art project is part of Rubble to Reef – a campaign by Syncronicity Earth to save our reefs.
Coral reefs are home to diverse range of marine life. The campaign aims to ensure the long term protection and restoration of coral reefs across the globe.


Safety is a key consideration for mural painting, especially on this scale.
Boom platforms, or cherry pickers as they are known, are perfect for mural painting, as they keep the artists safe, and allow free movement and full artistic expression.


To receive updates via Twitter – view the hastag #londonlovescorals

You can also see progress on Louis’ Twitter stream or Instagram.

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