On the first day of winter, Star Platforms gave to me…. Top tips to stay winter ready!

As the temperatures creep lower and lower we have pulled together some great top tips which will keep your MEWPs in top working condition this winter and keep your operators safe whilst at work.

Preventing slips on Ice
Before moving your cherry picker or scissor lift, walk your planned route to check for ice, and black ice along the route. Pay close attention to the MEWP manufacturer’s guidelines on gradeability and if you suspect the machine might slip, place levelling pads to help prevent any accidents.

Had some snowfall? Make sure you clear any snow from your worksite before starting work, it’s important that you can not only see hazards in your path but also prevent slipping.

Keeping warm
Powered access batteries not charging is one of the most frequent reasons for call-outs during the winter months, which is likely to be caused by a cold battery. If you encounter this try moving the machine to an area above 6 degrees Celsius, and the battery should start to charge again.

But whilst we are on the subject of keeping warm, don’t forget to keep your operators warm too. An extra layer of clothing can help keep everyone warm and healthy. Additionally, make sure operators can take regular breaks which will help reduce fatigue and keep them warm.

Light it up
It’s not just the challenges associated with the cold, but winter also shortens our daylight hours, and bad weather can also cause darker days which can decrease visibility. Therefore, make sure working areas are well lit.

Ground quality
Ground quality can change from one day to the next during winter months. It’s important to do regular checks across the work site to ensure the safety for everyone.

You can find out more about worksite safety in one of our training courses. Call the team today to find out more: 0345 099 7305

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