Are Powered Access Platforms Environmentally Friendly?

In the powered access platforms industry, technology is constantly evolving to make MEWPs more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Modern advancements are helping reduce the emissions released when using powered access platforms for working at height.

At Star Platform, 95% of our rental fleet is hybrid or electric powered helping reduce the impact on the environment.

Electric powered access platforms

Electric powered access platforms operate off electricity only. Our electric powered access platforms are the perfect solution for working at height quickly and safely. Electric powered MEWPs are great for use indoors and outdoors – with no emissions they are a great environmentally friendly option to working at height.

What are the benefits of electric powered access platforms?

There are many benefits to choosing an electric powered access platforms, including:

  • Great for indoor use—with no emissions, unlike fuel-powered platforms, electric platforms can be used indoors, making working at heights easy and safe.
  • Better for the environment – electric powered access platforms are more environmentally friendly helping you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Better for MEWP operators and workers – not only are electric powered platforms better for the environment but they are also better for the operators and workers as they will not be surrounded and breathing in by diesel fumes.
  • Help reduce noise pollution – electric powered access platforms are often a lot quieter than fuel powered platforms helping reduce the amount of noise pollution you are producing.

Hybrid powered access platforms

Hybrid powered access platforms use both fuel and electric battery power. This helps reduce carbon emissions but alternates the source of power. You can use fuel when necessary and electric power for the rest of the time. Our hybrid powered access platforms are a great choice if you’re looking to work safely and easily at height while reducing your carbon footprint.

What are the benefits of choosing hybrid powered access platforms?

There are many benefits to choosing an hybrid powered access platforms, including:

  • No emissions when in electric mode – a hybrid powered access platform is a great option for both indoor and outdoor use. When in electric mode only they produce no emissions making them suitable for indoors.
  • More environmentally friendly than diesel only – hybrid powered access platforms use both fuel and electric power, by utilising both it helps reduce the amount of emissions released.
  • Better reliability – with two different power sources it increases reliability.
  • Best of both worlds – a hybrid powered access platform is a great solution when you want features of both electric and diesel.

What environmentally friendly powered access platform models do we recommend?

At Star Platforms, we offer a variety of electric and hybrid-powered access platform options, both available for hire and purchase.

We have a number of different types of scissor lifts available including the Dingli Electric Scissor Lift and also the Dingli electric 4×4 scissor lifts which are suitable for rough terrain and both indoor and outdoor use.

We also have a range of cherry pickers available including the Niftylift Hybrid Boom Lift which can be used for a wide variety of applications and can be used on either electric (battery) power or diesel fuel. If you’re looking for a boom lift that is fully electric then we have the Genie Z-30/20N RJ Electric Articulating Boom Lift available.

How Star Platforms are focusing on becoming more environmentally friendly

At Star Platforms, we are committed to investing in an environmentally friendly fleet. Our rental fleet has over 1,725 hybrid or electric-powered access platforms for hire, which makes up 89% of our total fleet. Read our blog to find out more. We also have a number of different types of powered access platforms that are either fully electric or hybrid available for purchase. If you have any questions, then please get in touch.

How to buy or hire a powered access platform from Star Platforms?

If you’re looking to hire, we have electric or hybrid cherry pickers, scissor lifts, or low-level platforms to choose from—we have over 4,000 powered access machines in our fleet and access to over 10,000 platforms nationally. Alternatively, if you’re looking to purchase or hire electric or hybrid powered access platforms, then you’re in the right place. At Star Platforms, we have new and used access platforms for hire and for purchase. If you need help choosing the right solution for your needs and requirements, then our team at Star Platforms can help – get in touch today.

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