What is a Cherry Picker Used For?

Cherry pickers (also known as boom lifts) are extremely versatile, safe and reliable. These mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) were originally used for picking fruit in orchards (hence the name). Today, however, they are hard at work in a diverse range of industries. Chances are, you’ve seen a cherry picker at work recently. They consist of an aerial lifting platform operated by a hydraulic arm. Their dexterity and versatility make them perfect for reaching great heights and getting to awkward places. At Star Platforms, we provide cherry pickers to clients of all kinds for an extremely broad range of uses. Let’s take a look at some of the things a cherry picker can be used for:  

1.Building Maintenance

Cherry pickers are ideally suited for building painting and general maintenance. They are much more stable than ladders, and can be set up much faster than scaffolding. They also have ample space in the basket for carrying equipment such as tools, paint or cleaning products.

2. Tree Surgery

A cherry picker is a highly effective tool for tree surgeons. Cherry pickers are safe, agile and highly manoeuvrable, making them perfect for tree trimming. Their mobility makes them a great choice for accessing private homes and businesses, as well as trees in public areas.  

3. Media Production

Need to get effective overhead shots? A cherry picker can be a great way for photographers and videographers to capture jaw-dropping images. Media professionals may use cherry pickers to get dazzling overhead shots and dramatic sweeping pans that rival anything Hollywood has to offer.

4. Public Utilities

Cherry pickers are a useful tool in keeping public utilities running harmoniously at all times. They are highly effective in helping professionals to repair and maintain things like:  
  • Street lamps
  • Telephone cables
  • Power lines
  • Traffic lights
  Cherry picker hire allows engineers access to a wide range of overhead utility infrastructure. They are highly maneuverable, safe and secure. As such, engineers can deliver fast and effective solutions without worrying about their safety.

5. Signage Installation

Your signage says a lot about your business. It can help you to attract more foot traffic and help your brand to stand out on a visually busy high street. Cherry picker hire is an affordable and effective way to install your signage, with ample space for the signage and the people installing it.   They’re not just useful for shop fronts, either. They can be used for bridges, billboards, freestanding towers and anywhere else you want to spread your message!

6. Fire & Rescue Services

Cherry pickers can even aid emergency service workers in rescue operations. In the event of a fire or similar emergency, they can be used to gain ingress into areas where access may otherwise be impossible. The generous capacity of the basket allows more people to be rescued from burning or unsound buildings for faster and safer operations that minimise manual carrying.

7. Roof and Guttering Repairs

Need to make repairs to your roof or guttering, but don’t much like the idea of climbing up there? Cherry picker hire is the perfect solution! Whether you’re a professional or a DIY diehard, cherry pickers are great for providing access to the roof and guttering of tall houses and commercial buildings. What’s more, the manoeuvrable hydraulic arm allows access without disruption to the ground around the building.   Perfect for those who want to access the roofing without damaging the flower beds!

8. Window Washing

While many window washers use scaffolding to safely clean the windows of large buildings, these do not always allow for optimal cleaning. Aside from the time taken to erect scaffolding, there’s also the complications that can be caused by expansion joints or signage that may impede proper access to the building. A boom lift delivers targeted cleaning where you need it most.

9. Agriculture

As we can see, cherry pickers have a wide range of uses but they can still be deployed in their agricultural birthplace. Farmers may use boom lifts to repair and maintain silos and barns that may be difficult and unsafe to access via ladder. They can, of course, also be used for quick, easy and safe fruit harvesting.   At Star Platforms, we provide flexible cherry picker hire that’s built around your needs. Whether you’re looking for a small cherry picker or one with impressive working heights, our mobile boom lifts are an effective solution for accessing hard to reach spots. We also provide cherry picker sales and training to help you get the most out of your MEWP - just get in touch with any enquiries.