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IPAF Operator Training

IPAF Operator Training

Do you hold a valid IPAF operator’s licence?

The PAL Card (Powered Access Licence) is recognised worldwide as proof of platform operator training to the highest standard. It is issued by the International Powered Access Federation to platform operators who successfully complete a training course at an IPAF approved training centre.

Here’s a quick checklist for employers and operators using powered access machines.

If you can answer YES to the following, you’re good to go!

• I have an IPAF PAL card
• The date on my PAL card is still valid (Licence expires after 5 years)
• All categories for the machine’s being used are listed on the PAL card (e.g. 3a,3b, PAV).

If not, please call us on 01582 249149 to discuss your requirements and arrange your training course at a location suitable for you. On-site training is also available across the UK.

We offer training on all categories of MEWP equipment, including:

3a Course

Mobile Vertical

3b Course

Mobile Boom

3a and 3b Combined Course

3a & 3b
Combined Course

Push Around Vertical (PAV)

Push Around Vertical

Call us on 01582 249149 to discuss your training requirements or book online now