IPAF Operator: 3a (Scissor) & 3b (Boom) Full day course with classroom theory

Date: 12 Aug
Time: 08:15 AM - 16:00 PM
Star Platforms Limited, Vulcan Way, Coalville, Leics. LE67 3FW


This IPAF accredited course is designed for operators of powered access equipment and instructs how to prepare and safely operate Mobile Vertical lifts (Scissor Lifts) and Mobile Booms (Cherry Pickers). Successful delegates receive a PAL (Powered Access Licence), a safety guide, a logbook and a certificate which is accessible via IPAF ePAL (a digital app that stores and shares your IPAF powered access licences and qualifications). The ePAL Card is issued by IPAF (the International Powered Access Federation) and is valid for 5 years.

There are four components to the IPAF Operator Training Course, which include: classroom tutorials, theory assessment, practical training, and practical assessment.

Classroom tutorials
During the classroom tutorials, you will learn about the industry’s best practices and guidelines on various topics, such as health and safety regulations and legislation, working at heights regulations, accident control and prevention, as well as personal protective equipment (PPE).

Theory assessment
Delegates will be asked to complete a paper theory assessment prior to the practical assessment

Practical training
The practical training will give delegates the knowledge and hands-on experience of operating and doing daily maintenance on machines. Delegates will be taught not only the safe operation of machines but also selecting the right machine for the job, how to inspect MEWPs for use on-site, and PPE best practices.

Practical Assessment
Delegates will be assessed on their ability to inspect the machine, perform manoeuvres, and identify potential hazards

The classroom tutorial, theory test, practical training and practice & assessment will take place at our training centre on the date/time shown above.

Delegates should bring the following safety equipment on the day of the practical training:

a) Standard PPE (safety boots, hi-vis vest, hard hat).

HARNESSES: For category 3b training (boom/cherry picker) a harness with short adjustable lanyard is also required. For operator safety, IPAF strongly recommends the use of a harness & short adjustable lanyard when operating boom lifts, and most sites will insist on it.

We offer a 25% discount on our IPAF approved full harness & lanyard kit when purchased with any training course booking.

NOTE: Delegates bringing their own harness/lanyard must show a 12 month inspection certificate for this on the day of training, otherwise we cannot allow the use of it during the course.

Our all inclusive price includes registration with IPAF, your PAL Card and IPAF Certificate via IPAF ePAL. To secure your place(s) on this course book online now or speak to a member of our team on 0808 109 3681


Star Platforms Limited, Vulcan Way, Coalville, Leics. LE67 3FW



IPAF Operator: 3a (Scissor) & 3b (Boom) Full day course with classroom theory

Star Platforms Limited, Vulcan Way, Coalville, Leics. LE67 3FW

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