Scissor Lift Hire Reading & Berkshire

Given that our Reading depot is one of our newest sites, we have some of the most cutting-edge scissor lift platforms available for rent currently on the market. Produced by leading manufacturers, our scissor lifts are suitable for every task, whether in the industrial, construction or manufacturing industries as well as for maintenance tasks and in distribution warehouses when quick easy access and manoeuvrability at height is essential. Scissor lifts get their name from the criss-cross “scissor” mechanism which allows operators to rise vertically and complete any number of tasks, from electrical fixtures and cabling to ductwork and drywall installation.

As well as serving Berkshire, our depot has customers from surrounding areas like Surrey and Oxford choosing to rent scissor lifts from us. Given its ideal location and with a wide choice of scissor lifts to choose from, our Reading depot is one of the most popular in the region. View our range of scissor lifts for hire below.

Alternatively, why not buy a MEWP? We have a selection of new and used mobile access platforms available and can offer our expert, impartial advice to help you meet your particular needs. To find out more about buying access platforms, visit our Sales page.

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